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Provincial AGM celebrates Lodges regular giving sign up milestones

At the Provincial Annual General Meeting held on May 3rd, the PGM, R W Bro Philip Marshall, proudly recognised the exceptional efforts of six Lodges in achieving remarkable member sign-up rates for the 2029 Nottinghamshire Festival. These collarettes highlight the dedication and charitable spirit thriving within our Province.

Gold Award (Achieved an impressive 70% plus membership sign-up.)

  • East Retford Lodge

Silver Awards (Both Lodges attained a 60% plus membership sign-up)

  • Walesby Forest Lodge

  • Welbeck Lodge

Bronze Awards (Each of these Lodges successfully signed up 50% plus of their members)

  • St Mary’s Lodge

  • Old Elizabethan Lodge

  • Radcliffe with Hemlockstone Lodge

Congratulations to all the Lodges for their hard work and commitment to supporting the Festival. Your efforts not only strengthen our Lodges but also enrich our entire Province.

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