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Partner Festival Jewels are now here!

The Nottinghamshire Festival 2029 has generated considerable buzz, not only among the Freemasons but also among their partners. This eagerly anticipated event is not just about celebrating tradition but also fostering a sense of unity and charity.

One of the highlights of the Nottinghamshire Festival 2029 is the introduction of partner jewels, which have sparked tremendous interest within Nottinghamshire’s Masonic community. These elegant and meaningful jewels can be acquired by Freemasons' partners for a one-time donation of £50 (plus gift aid).

The partner jewels are more than just symbols of affiliation; they represent a commitment to a shared cause. By purchasing one, individuals become supporters of the festival, pledging their commitment to its charitable endeavors. This is not merely a financial contribution, but a testament to their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

The Nottinghamshire Festival 2029 promises to be a remarkable event, bringing together Freemasons and their partners in the spirit of fraternity and charity. The partner jewels symbolise this unity, serving as a reminder that together, we can make a meaningful difference in our communities. As the festival advances, excitement continues to build, with anticipation growing for the positive impact it will have on Nottinghamshire and beyond.

If you wish to order one of the partner jewels, click here and make your donation (min £50 to qualify), then send proof of payment to and arrangements will be made to get the Partners Festival Jewel to you.

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