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Edwinstowe Lodge's W Bro John Bates Takes the plunge at 80 to Skydive for Nottinghamshire Festival

On Saturday, 11th November, at Langar Airfield, W Bro John Bates of Edwinstowe Lodge celebrated his 80th birthday in an extraordinary way — by taking the plunge with a thrilling skydive to raise funds for the Nottinghamshire Festival 2029 appeal.

The enthusiasm and courage displayed by W Bro John were truly commendable, as he leaped from the skies to contribute to the Festival's fundraising efforts.

W Bro John Bates successfully raised over £1,400 towards the Nottinghamshire Festival 2029 appeal. This outstanding contribution will undoubtedly make a substantial impact on the success of the festival and its associated charitable endeavors.

The photos from the event captured not only the exhilarating moments of the skydive but also the sheer joy and camaraderie shared by all participants. It is evident that W Bro John not only achieved his fundraising goals but also had a fantastic time doing so. If you wish to watch the video of John's skydive, click here.

W Bro John Bates extends his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported and donated towards his skydiving adventure. Your generosity has played a crucial role in making this event a resounding success.

For those who may have missed the opportunity to contribute, the donation portal is still open. You can visit to make a contribution and be a part of this remarkable fundraising effort.

On behalf of the Nottinghamshire Festival 2029, we extend our warmest congratulations to W Bro John Bates for his daring skydive and express our sincere appreciation for his dedication to our shared cause. Your efforts have truly made a difference, and we are grateful for your continued support.

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, and cheered on W Bro John Bates as he took this bold leap for charity.

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