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Corinthian Lodge makes a donation to the Festival

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Corinthian Lodge for their generous donation of £1000 to the Nottinghamshire 2029 Festival. This significant contribution was presented to the V.W Bro Andrew Rainbow, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, during their festive board last night.

The occasion was marked by a ceremonial visit and the conducting of a 2nd-degree ritual, underscoring the solemnity and camaraderie of the evening. The Lodge's gesture of support for the festival exemplifies their steadfast dedication to our shared cause.

The donation was received with deep appreciation and has been promptly passed on to the Festival Director, who was also present at the gathering. This contribution will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact on our ongoing efforts to ensure the success of the Nottinghamshire 2029 Festival.

We are heartened by Corinthian Lodge's continued support and commitment to the festival. Their generosity serves as a beacon of unity and solidarity within our province.

On behalf of the Festival Committee and the entire province, we express our sincerest thanks to Corinthian Lodge for their unwavering support and generosity.

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